Startup Mentorship

My startup mentorship program is designed to support new and growing businesses by giving them with relevant knowledge and experience. My goal is to provide guidance, insight, and support to help startups navigate the complexities of launching and scaling their businesses.

Key aspects of my startup mentorship program include:

One-on-One Guidance:

Provide personalized advice and feedback to startup founders, helping them make informed decisions and avoid common pitfalls.

Networking Opportunities:

Provide startup founders with networking adn access to a broader professional network, which can include potential investors, partners, and clients.

Skill Development:

Provide help for founders enhance their business acumen, covering areas like business planning, marketing, finance, and product development.

Goal Setting and Accountability:

Assist startups in setting realistic goals and milestones, and hold them accountable to their business plans and growth targets.


Startups receive help in troubleshooting specific challenges, whether they're strategic, technical, or operational.

Customized Learning:

The advice and learning are tailored to the specific needs and stage of the startup, making the guidance highly relevant and practical.


Building Startups - 1 Month Mentorship Program

One of the most common beliefs in entrepreneurship is that failures and mistakes are how you learn, grow and succeed. But, What if you could skip the failures and mistakes others make to a extend with mentors around you,

wouldn’t you be able to fast-track your path to success? I believe you can. Lets us collaborate and find our win together.

Week 1: Foundations and Idea Validation

Day 1-2:

Introduction to the Startup Ecosystem and Idea Generation - Workshops on ideation techniques, understanding market needs.

Day 3-5:

Validating Business Ideas - Market research methodologies, customer interviews, building and testing MVPs (Minimum Viable Products).

Week 2: Business Model and Strategic Planning

Day 1-3:

Business Model Development - In-depth work on Business Model Canvas, competitor analysis.

Day 4-5:

Strategic Planning and Business Plan Writing - Workshops on setting objectives, creating a business plan.

Week 3: Product Development and Marketing

Day 1-3:

Product Development Lifecycle and User Experience - Agile methodologies, user experience design, product development sprints.

Day 4-5:

Marketing and Branding - Digital marketing strategies, branding exercises, crafting marketing plans.

Week 4: Growth, Funding, and Networking

Day 1-2:

Fundraising and Financial Management - Understanding different funding options, financial modeling, pitching to investors.

Day 3-4:

Pitching Skills and Networking - Developing and refining pitches, role-playing investor meetings, networking strategies.

Day 5:

Program Conclusion and Future Planning - Final presentations, feedback sessions, discussion on next steps and support networks.

During and Post Program Support


Pairing participants with mentors for personalized guidance. Field Trips/Company Visits: If possible, visits to startups or incubators.

Project Work:

Participants can work on their startup ideas throughout the program, applying learnings in real-time.

Networking Events:

Organize mixers or meet-and-greet events for participants to network with the local startup community.

Who should join this program?

These programs are particularly valuable for individuals or teams who are seeking guidance, feedback, and support from experienced mentors who can provide insights, connections, and advice tailored to the unique needs of startups.

1. Aspiring entrepreneurs

2. Early-stage startups

3. Studentpreneur


Interested to join the Startup Mentorship Program?

Lets do a 1 Hour session to understand the requirements, My Programs are customised and tailor made for each startups

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